Whatsapp Status Create audio visualizer Android| How To Create Animated Stories Android Mobile 2020

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Описание видео: Download link--raboninco.com/arYz Thanks for using WhatsCut Pro! ★ Integrates with multiple social & chat messenger platforms Create status or story at one place and share using Whatscut Pro application at your favorite social or chat messenger platforms like : whatsapp , Instagram, Facebook, IMO etc. Inspire people to follow you everyday , let them like, comment or share the same on various platforms. WhatsCut Pro wall will make it easy for you to discover the interesting content. Be a star by creating interesting inspiring and interesting stories for the world to follow. Song, rythm, jingle, bhajan etc. Create video or audio stories like : about travel videos , shopping , weddings , music festivals, special occasions, etc. ★ Interactive Frames for Audio Stories To make an interesting audio , we have powered them with collection of frames and same time, you can choose favorite picture as your own audio story .... This release brings Introducing Challenges - Now you can challenge your friend through WhatsCut Pro Start exploring global and best content from other creators through new Explore page Redesigned Tool Page for better visibility and creativity Redesigned Visualizer for better creativity Create, like , comment & share video & audio status for WhatsApp, Instagram WhatsCut Pro is the most advanced tool to create and share interesting videos / audios status / stories for multiple social media platforms and chat messengers: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, IMO , Whatscut Pro Wall. Record an Audio Status with pictures, frames, Text and songs. Audio story could be your fav. Millions of stories and status about events, celebrations, travel etc.are created everyday on WhatsCut Pro platform. ★ Live video recording with Music Before start recording select the music file you want to play with respect to the mood of video , it could be : fun, entertaining , inspiring , classic, party, sports etc. Your friends can listen to your story and enjoy . New version is packed with powerful features : ★ Advanced Video Story Making Features: Choose background music while recording, trim a video to a suitable length, share directly from your gallery to create an everlasting impression. ★ Be the first to create an Audio Story: Use frames, effects, music and a background image to create audio story with WCP - First application across the globe for audio stories. Let people experience your voice and hear your story in your own voice : it could be song, rythm, bhajan, jingles etc. It will also motivate you to make your own WhatsApp status and story. You can record the special moments of your life and share the same with the world. ★ Interactive WhatscutPro wall: Create a following by sharing your stories on WCP wall.

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