YouTube Live: Market View & Today’s Trades with Avadhut Sathe

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Описание видео: Wealth Creation through Equity Investing / Trading ‘The Online Eye-Opener Webinar’ By Master Trader Avadhut Sathe. He started conducting seminars on stock market trading in February 2008. Essentially speaking, Mr. Book your seat now: To get regular updates on our online sessions, join our Telegram channel ASTA Notice Board: For more details on ASTA stock market programs, visit our website: Like our Facebook page for latest updates: Mumbai Prasad @ 82919 77033 Mihir @ 70459 22756 Preeti @ 8291977034 Navi Mumbai Titeeksha @ 7045150888 Sandip @ 98332 87827 Pune Siddesh @ 8291977035 Mandar @ 98198 76976 Preeti Verma@ 7045332933 Hyderabad Pallavi @ 8451091090 Vyankatesh @ 7045809911 Rajesh @ 96439 19932 Bengaluru Shafika @ 9945042113 Mukesh @ 8088160876 Delhi Mrs. Avadhut Sathe with his Extensive Stock Market Experience of 27 years is the Ideal Person to Guide you in the Current Market Scenario. ASTA is the Only Stock Trading Academy whose seminars in Mumbai and other Tier 1 Cities are attended by 400+ people! Avadhut Sathe Master Trader Mr. He has been trading in the US market since 2001 and has experience of trading Indian Futures & Options market since 2007. Date: 04th June 2020 Time: 5.30 pm Wealth Creation through Equity Investing / Trading ‘The Online Eye-Opener Webinar’ By Master Trader Avadhut Sathe. Avadhut Sathe has been trading in the stock market for the past 27 years and has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycles. Since then, thousands of students have benefited from his seminars on the stock market, Futures & Options market, price actions, and in advanced concepts like the Elliott Wave Principle. About Mr. In this session, he is not only going to answer the questions asked by participants but also provides a Detailed Market View of the Current Situation in the Stock Market and Discuss the Trades Executed by him Today! Avadhut Sathe is going to conduct a Special Session today, the 04th of June 2020 at 5.30 pm. So Get Ready for another Enriching Youtube Live Session from the Man Himself - Avadhut Sathe!! Subhashini –  9769914761 Mahesh Mansukh –9075004780 Joginder Singh  - 9501113829 Ahmedabad Heli @ 9322510255 Shruti @ 9594111934 Atul @ 9821313266... Book your seat now: ASTA is pleased to announce that Master Trader Mr.

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